Crean Folk Camp grew from a love of communal learning and a desire to reinvigorate Cornish folk music. In 2018 we launched Cornwall’s first yearly folk music summer school. Due to social distancing guidelines 2020 and 2021 are fallow years, with plans to return in summer 2022 for our third gathering.


We aim to delve into the essentials of music making, the question of how we express ourselves through sound. Making music can too often become plagued by self doubt, soulless practice regimes and a lack of self-awareness. By stripping back to the basics of listening, interacting and creating we hope to encourage musicians to better find their own sound and how to communicate that with others.


The gathering is lead by local accordionist Tommie Black-Roff with fiddler James Patrick Gavin and whistle and pipe player Dominic Henderson. Several guest tutors will also join us over the course of the week (TBA).

ContextDing Dong Mine

The location of Crean Folk Camp in the far west of Cornwall is an escape and an inspiration. Nestled in a sheltered valley near the Atlantic Ocean, the spot has already hosted various bands and musicians over the decades. We will also connect with some of local folk music culture, incorporating elements of Cornish tune, song and dance over the week.


The gathering is intended to suit and challenge those across a wide range of abilities. Participants are expected to be able to play by ear and have basic sight-reading skills. Beginners are not recommended as activities are primarily aimed at developing musicians. This year’s gathering is for instrumentalists, although the week will involve elements of song and dance. If you are in doubt in any way, please ask.


The main themes of the gathering are:

  • Developing musicality
  • Tune playing and interpretation
  • Ensemble playing
  • Improvising
  • Composing
  • Folk music styles

Participants are encouraged to bring their own passions and backgrounds with them. We all benefit from seeing and understanding the world from another’s point of view, especially through music.


The gathering is for acoustic instruments, we aim for a sonic balance within the group. It is important that participants can comfortably play melody on their instrument as much focus will be on tune playing.

If you’re unsure about anything just drop us an email at mail@creanfolkcamp.org